List of Top 10 Ways to Die

top 10 ways to dieOkay, so this post may seem a little macabre, and maybe it is. Anyway, here are the top 10 ways in which people die every single year.

#10 – Death by Poison

Ok so the 10th most common way to die is to die by poison. Many people use poison to kill different kinds of like rats or bugs, but some people put the poison in different containers to make it easier to use and don’t label it, so they accidentally use it on something they ingest (like use it as water in cooking) and by the time they notice that it has happened then it is to late and they are on the floor dying.

Some babies that don’t know any better and stick everything that they see in there mouth and end up swallowing some poison and then end up dying.

So how do you prevent a fatality? First, make sure you really even need the poison. Second, if you can’t leave it in the original container, then clearly mark the container you transfer it into. And third, never leave any poison where a child or pet can get to it.

#9 – Suicide by Hanging

Some people end up committing suicide because they hate their life or overreact over something like a divorce. People end up committing suicide my hanging because they have seen it in movies so many times, and because it is one of the most painless ways to die.

#8 – Overdose to Medicine

A lot of kids these days take medicines like Nyquil because of how they feel afterwards. And they raid there parents medicine cabinets and take all the medicine that they can, thinking that they will have a side effect, but most of them don’t, and with the combination on medicines they end up overdosing and killing themselves without knowing it.

#7 – Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen all the time, every day, all over the world. Some of the worst natural disasters are hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, and lightning. And people are told everyday to be safe and stay indoors during disasters but don’t and end up paying for it: like for a hurricane flying debris can hit you, or you can drown; for an earthquake you can get squashed by falling stuff; for blizzards you can end up getting disoriented outside and not find your way back home, and freeze to death; for lightning all you have to do is end up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

#6 – Falling

People fall all the time but don’t know how bad it can be. You can fall on something sharp like a nail and end up puncturing your skull; fall on something hard like a table and get a concussion without knowing it, go to sleep thinking everything is ok, then never wake up.

#5 – Overdose to Drugs

Most people take drugs when they are younger because they think it is cool, but when they get older they get addicted and ruin there life, so then they take more drugs thinking it will make them feel better and end up overdosing.

#4 – Gunshot

Some people carry guns to carry out crimes and once someone tries to stop them, they pull the trigger and kill the person. And people who are in gangs get in gun fights and just shoot people and kill them like it is nothing.

#3 – Death By Sickness

People get sick every day with stuff like colds and viruses, but once in a while people get like cancer, aids or something else that is incurable and end up dying a very painful death.

#2 – Automobile Accidents

Everyone gets in car accidents, even some of the most skilled drivers. But once in a while and accident is so severe that the injuries are so bad that the person dies. Or someone who is drunk ends up behind the wheel thinking that they can handle it when they can’t and end up killing an innocent person.

#1 – Suicide by Gun

People commit suicide every day because something bad happened with there life. And the way that people think is the best way to die is by shooting themselves, because there is pretty much a guarantee that you will die if you end up shooting yourself in your brain or heart.

Of course there are only ten ways to die here, there are millions of ways to die. Some faster and less painful than others. And some within our control and some not.

And hopefully those that do die get proper funerals and all that. Their families come up with unique funerals and ideas to help make sense of a senseless death.

But how many people die each day, a little at a time without even noticing simply by not living at all? So many people walk through life in a haze, not realizing they aren’t living at all.

And that’s sad. Hopefully we can all find more reasons to live.

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