The Authorities Took The Home And I Never Knew It

trees along side roadHouse of Horrors: A couple in Florida had a large oak tree limb hanging perilously on top of their roof, so they decided to have the tree cut down.

The tree service reassured them no special permits were needed.

However a meddlesome neighbor reported them to the local officials, and they were cited for being in violation of a regulation involving the removal of trees.

The homeowners re-landscaped, and the district checked the new plantings and said that they had satisfied the violation.

They were respectable and did everything properly, or so they assumed.

Advance 8 years later when the recession hit, and they looked to take a new loan out on their home.

Imagine their astonishment on learning that a lien had been placed on their home for the amount of 125 thousand dollars for not responding to the tree removal problem!

This is an horrid report, and you’re thinking, thank heavens it’s someone else. But be aware of the risks so it does not happen to you.

Statistics show that nearly forty percent people in the U.S. have, or will have, a lien or judgment placed against their rightful home.

For whatever reason a lien is placed on a person’s home, the victim needs to have it removed before you can sell or refinance a home owner’s home.

If you are in a financial need, one of the most common ways to help pay your debts is to tap the equity in your abode.

The very last thing you want to happen is to find out at the last hour you have a lien against you that must be fixed in order to go ahead with the loan.

You need to figure out a way to search all over the country to find past-due liens against your house. Go over the details with care.

The best case is that you know about these issues now rather than later so you have time to settle the matter and have it removed.

There are also sharks out there that buy tax liens and then try to foreclose in order to acquire property cheaply.

Don’t let this happen to you! Find out today if there are liens against your property.

There are also devils out there that acquire tax liens and then try to foreclose in order to acquire land on the cheap.

If the government or a company is “Liening” on your house don’t pass the time and do nothing!

There is in general a time period of quite a few years after which a lien becomes null and can’t be enforced if neither the creditor nor the homeowner takes any action.

But keep in mind the lien could show up on your credit information lowering your score, and a tax lien can last for ten years. During that time period the Internal Revenue Service or the state can take your assets or raid any of your bank accounts, sometimes even those you own jointly with another individual.

If the lien is over property taxes, there are measures you can take to try and work things out with your locality. Houston property tax protest is one place that can help you with this, as other services all around the country.

So don’t delay and sit back and wait for the lien to be fixed on its own.

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